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 Demon Information

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Demons, creatures known as the impure spirits that inhabit the earth. These beings spawned from the fallen angels whose sins were too great to be cleansed by Uriel’s fire, and as a result, lost their angelic wings. The leader amoung them is the Light Bringer, or Lucifer, commander of the battalion that revolted against God. Each demon possesses a mark, known as “Lucifer’s Pentagram” is engraved just below the earlobe. They lurk in the shadows and seek to taint the hearts of humans and angels alike, with the hopes of one day regaining their spot in heaven.

Lucifer Male/Female 0/1
The one and only leader of the demon race. Cast out of heaven for rebelling against its leader, Lucifer wanders the earth with the army of the fallen, seeking revenge against the God who scorned them by tainting the souls of purer beings. Lucifer carries a blood red saber with a black hilt, the scabbard has long since lost its stone.
The Deadly Sins Male/Female 2/7
The demons responsible for the seven most deadly sins cast onto the world.
Lust spreads sexual desire throughout the world. This demon’s body and voice is enticing and corrupts even the most loyal of men and women. (Available)
Gluttony is the overindulgence of men. This demon is responsible for breaking self-control. (Unavailable)
Greed is responsible for corrupting the minds of men and women into abandoning themselves in search for wealth and power. (Unavailable)
Sloth causes men and women to become lazy and listless, removing their will to perform any type of task. (Available)
Wrath spreads anger and hate throughout the world. These demon causes men and women to feel violent outbursts, attacking one another and destroying lives. (Available)
Envy causes men to scorn one another in jealousy of their possessions. It leads to bad relations between beings. (Available)
Pride is the origin of all the deadly sins. It is from Pride that all the other demons were spawned. Pride causes men and women to be excessively in love with themselves and scorn all others. (Available)

Low Class Demons: Male/Female 0/15
This group makes up the remaining fallen angels who were unable to be saved from their sins. Former humans also belong to this group.

Humans can be changed if their hearts are tainted by Lucifer or one of the Deadly Sin Demons.

Demons can be killed by a holy arrow from an Angel. They are immortal beings, cursed to live without feeling and without a soul. They can be turned into humans through the sacrifice of a faerie.
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Demon Information
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