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 Angel Information

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Angels, known as God’s messengers, are the purest of beings to exist in this world. After being cast from heaven after the Great Heavenly War, the fallen angels sought out mercy from their creator, God. Pitying them, God beseeched the remaining six of his Archangels, who readily agreed to the banishment for the sake of their fallen brethren. So moved by their actions, God placed upon their wrists a heavenly seal, resembling their heavenly blades. They descended from heaven to meet with their brethren, and were revered as the strongest and most intelligent of their group.

Archangels: Male/Female 0/6
Michael, one of the two strongest archangels and God’s most trusted Angel. Michael is many times considered as strong as God himself, yet never made a move to rebel against Him. Michael’s sword is of a pure silver color, with a white hilt and a white jewel placed on the outside of the scabbard. (Available)
Gabriel, the second of the two strongest Archangel, and Michael have always fought side by side. They are unconditionally trusting of one another. Gabriel is known as God’s wisedom, possessing an extreme intelligence and knowledge. Gabriel’s sword is a pure silver color as well, with a silver hilt and a jade placed on the outside of the scabbard. (Available)
Raphael is known as God’s healer. He possesses the ability to heal any wound, fatal or otherwise. He used his ability to heal the broken wings of the fallen angels, giving them hope that they may one day return to heaven. Raphael’s sword is a pure white, with a golden hilt and a sapphire jewel on the outside of the scabbard. (Available)
Uriel, the Angel of Fire, is said to have used his cleansing fire to burn away the sins of the fallen angels, returning their wings to the lustrous white they formerly were. Uriel’s blade is a golden color, with a black hilt and a ruby on the outside of the scabbard. (Available)
Azrael, the Angel of Death, is able to see into the hearts of the dying and provide them safe passage into the next world. Azrael was revered as a fierce warrior in heaven and was given command of several battalions during the Great Heavenly War. Azrael’s blade is a midnight black, white a silver hilt and an onyx stone on the scabbard. (Available)
Barachiel, the Angel of Lightning, was formerly one of the princes of second heaven. Barachiel oversees the guardian angels, assigning them to the humans he believes to be in need. His sword is of a white gold color, with a sky blue hilt and a spinel stone on the outside of the scabbard. (Available)

The Fallen Angels: Male/Female 0/15
The original members of Lucifier’s army in his rebellion against God. They were cast from heaven and stripped of their abilities. After being cleansed by Raphael and Uriel, many became guardian angels and sought re-entrance into heaven.

You must be created an angel. There are no ways for a human to be changed into an angel.

Angels are immortal, but can be killed in battle. A weapon of heavenly caliber is required to wound or kill an angel. Elves are able to craft such weapons. The claws of a demon can taint an angel, turning them into a demon.
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Angel Information
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