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 Werewolf Information

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Werewolves emerged around the same time as the vampires. It is unknown the cause of their emergence into this world. Many speculate they were created by God to ward off the otherworldly beings that had just risen to existence. God created or otherwise, the werewolf race emerged as a powerful presence in the world. Much like the vampires born before them, the werewolves engaged in a series of grueling trials to determine who was the strongest among them. The trials were designed to test intelligence, instincts and strength. Eventually, two finalists emerged. Unlike the vampires, they chose to engage in battle, the victor by death becoming the Alpha leader of the pack. Since then, a tournament has been set into place such that wolf may contest the Alpha leader and seize the title for themselves. This tournament occurs once every 100 years. As the years progressed however, unlike their vampire counterparts, many choose to recluse themselves from human society, rather than blend into it. They created their own development somewhere deep within one of the ancient cities.

Alpha Leader: Male 0/1
The original leader of the werewolves. He is the largest of the wolves, and has a silver coat when in wolf form. He is the final voice in all pack affairs. When in human form, a celtic symbol is visible on the upper left of his back, on the shoulder blade. The tattoo symbolizes the name of his mate who he will have for eternity. All other males also possess this tattoo. It is a binding mark of loyalty and commitment.

Were Council: Male/Female 0/10
Those that are closest to the Alpha leader make up this pack. They are unbelievably strong and keen. Some are even up to the Alpha’s level, but are respectful of him/her until they are able to challenge the position themselves. This council is responsible for governing over the pack members and are all high ranking military officials.

Commoners: Male/Female 0/20
Average members of the pack. This group includes former humans changed by the Alpha leader or a member of the Were council. Humans that are changed do not take on the full form of a wolf. Rather they keep a more human-wolf hybrid form. Many of these members go on to either join the military or become bounty hunters.

Humans can only be changed into werewolves by the Alpha leader or a member of the Were council. THERE ARE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR COMMONERS WHO ATTEMPT TO CHANGE A HUMAN. A single bite from a werewolf is enough to change a human

Werewolves age, but at a significantly slow pace. It is for this reason that they are believed to be mortal. This is a fact that is unknown however, as there has never been a werewolf that has died of old age. The oldest member of the pack only appears to be 30 in looks. A werewolf’s bite is poisonous to a vampire. Demons have the ability to tear through even the toughest of wolf flesh.
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Werewolf Information
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