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 Nicruru ~ Gluttony

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PostSubject: Nicruru ~ Gluttony   Nicruru ~ Gluttony EmptyFri Jul 08, 2011 12:27 pm

Name: Nicruru

Age: Unknown

Rank: Gluttony



Nicruru resembles a child Satyr, with grayish brown hair in a chin-length style. Four large horns sproat back from it, above his bright red eyes. He appears to be a strange human child from the waist up, with porceline white and unnaturally fine skin. His only clothing being a long beige shirt. But from the waist down his hips spread back into the lower-body of a brown-furred goat. His arms, shoulders, and upperchest are quite petite and delicate, but taper down to a plump stomach and large behind. He tends to smile all the time, playing up his cuteness as much as possible. His fur scent changes with his attitude. When acting cute it has a strong flower aroma, resembling a mix of daffodills, freesia, and cherry blossoms. When he's showing his true nature however, he takes on a strong musky aroma that is deeply unpleasant.

City: City of Wind

Class: Seven Deadly Sins

Past: Nicruru is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, patron of overendulgance. True to common perception, food is the most common form this takes. However he's much more varied then this, and can sometimes edge into other sins "territories" when tickling or tempting a particular subject in a target. He tends to be cheerful, silly, and as helpful as possible when working with a human. However this is far from his real personality, and anyone who "disappoints him" will be swallowed alive by the Satyr child, and tortured in his digestive tract for eternity. Of course thats if your lucky, and just being around at the wrong time is reason enough to get eaten when he's not acting nice. Indeed, Nicruru is absolutely selfish, and only cares about feeding his own gluttony, he sees advancing it in others as a means to that end. The more humans that go to Hell, the more souls for him to eat later. With his goatlike appearance, many speculate that he may be the inspiration for Pan, however he himself denies this. Though he admits to posing as Dionysis quite a bit in Ancient Greece. Nicraru is far smarter then he acts, and will almost never enter a fight fair. He much prefers to rig things to his advantage ahead of time, and will outright cheat whenever possible.

RP Sample: With both soft hands I massaged my full belly, laying back in the booth. The resturant was completely silent around me. Food, staff, other customers, everything had been devoured, and now I simply sat comfortable in my seat, digesting several hundred pounds of food and about 12 helpless victims. "Hehe, wasn't that fun?" I burped loudly as I stood up, wobbling a little on my little hoofs as I left the building. It was a bit overt, normally I only ate like that around other demons, however this time I had good reason. I was in the City of the Night at the moment, and as it was outside my usual area of influence, I didn't much care whether or not I kept a low profile, I'd be leaving soon anyway. Now feeling nice and full, I giggled cheerfully, my scent shifting to it's floral side, as I saw a rather posh looking businessman walking down the sidewalk. Hurrying after, moving much quicker then my awkward leg shape would suggest, I chased after and stepped out in front of him. "Hello, my name is Nicruru. You look like a man of true taste, and it's absolutely a shame that you need to be out on foot on a night like this." Snapping my fingers, I hopped once as I looked up at him. "Oh wait. Cars, food beyond your wildest imagination, human girls that make your wife look like nothing. Any of that would be a snap for me." I giggled a bit as I took a step closer, leaning my large hip against his leg. "Just say the word, and let's get started!"


Strength: 7
Stamina: 6
Intelligence: 10
Power: 10
Agility: 10
Flying Ability: 6 (In the form of powerful jumps)
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PostSubject: Re: Nicruru ~ Gluttony   Nicruru ~ Gluttony EmptyFri Jul 08, 2011 1:42 pm

Approved. Interesting take on Gluttony btw. I look forward to seeing this character develope.


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Nicruru ~ Gluttony
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