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 He Who Slithers

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PostSubject: He Who Slithers   He Who Slithers EmptyMon Jul 04, 2011 3:30 am

Name: He Who Slithers

Age: Unknown

Rank: Greed

Class: The Seven Deadly Sins

City: City of Darkness

Apperance: A serpentine draconian looking beast with 3 heads. Has a hide of obsidian scales and deep smoldering red eyes.

Additional Information: Corrupter of mortal souls and devourer of spirits.

Past: Long has He Who Slithers slumbered. His previous high points of activity were during the darkest times of history such as the Dark Ages and is believed to have accounted for an untold number of evils including the bubonic plague and the tutelage of evil men such as Ivan the Terrible. He awakens from time to time to purge all records of his existence. He now roams the earth after being eternally bound by an apprentice wizard who somehow found his name. He was, however, unable to properly finish the binding so his spirit was immediately devoured and now He Who Slithers roams the earth with none currently knowing of his existence. He now lurks in the shadows waiting to find a man in a position of great power to corrupt.

Human form: Appears roughly as a normal man about 6 feet tall and gaunt. Wears a large leather overcoat. Upon close inspection of his skin (except on his face) you can see writhing shadowy tendrils which is why he remains covered if out in the light. The tendrils can pierce the spirits of mortals and wreak havoc in their mind.

Strength: 9
Stamina: 10
Agility: 10
Power: 9
Sight: 10
Flying Ability: 6

He Who Slithers 2nrpv1w

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He Who Slithers
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