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 Drake's Forest

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Drake Fane
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PostSubject: Drake's Forest   Drake's Forest EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 2:40 am

I stand a top a high up tree branch, leaning against the tree itself. My gaze is fixed upon a large herd of deer a distance away from me, all of which are feeding. My lower half is shown brightly in the sun while my upper half is concealed in shadow. I extract my claws and fangs about an inch and begin counting to myself. ...4...5. I dash off of the branch and as I fly through the air my eyes become a deep red. I land directly in-between two deer, my claws deep within their necks on either side. A smirk slides across my face. Much too easy... I think. I sink my fangs into the one on my left, enjoying every drop of blood. I release my claws from both and stand up, looking for the other scattered deer.
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Drake's Forest
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