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 Elf Information

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The elven people are widely known for their fierce battle skills. Believed to have been born from the water, the elven people are comprised of warrior magic users. They are governed over by a king and a queen, both of high standing in the military. They are gifted weapon users, able to use any type of weaponry from swords to bows with exceptional skill. While their magic is not as strong as that of the fae people, they are still able to craft masterful weapons using their magic. Throughout the years they have developed their own language. Very few that are not of elfish descent are able to comprehend it.

King, Male 0/1, Queen, Female 0/1
The King and Queen are responsible for the well-being of all the elven people. They are the strongest warriors and the most intelligent beings of the elven people.

Warriors: Male/Female 1/10
The members of the Elven army. They have been training to fight since the beginning of their lives. They are some of the most skilled warriors in the world. Each warrior is especially gifted with a specific type of weapon.

Craftsman: Male/Female 0/15
This elven are responsible for creating weapons for the elven army. They live rather mundane lives, typically blending in with the human population.

Humans cannot be changed into elves.

Elves are most closely allied with the Werewolves. They greatly admire the fae people, sometimes to the point of envy. In some cases, former elven warriors will go on to become bounty hunters or assassins. Like humans, they can be made into vampires. Elves have smaller ears than the fae people and do not have wings.
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Elf Information
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