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 Faerie Information

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PostSubject: Faerie Information   Faerie Information EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 8:48 pm

The fae, an ancient people, have existed since the origins of the werewolf and vampire race. Believed to have been born from the earth, they use their magic to bring peace and prosperity to the earth. The fae people have one princess, Illeana Cosanzeana, who is revered to be the most beautiful woman alive. Each faerie has a set of nearly transparent wings in their original form, which can be used to fly. Their strong elemental magic makes them great craftsman and artisans. Contrary to popular belief, they are as tall as most humans and possess above average looks. They are most closely allied with the Vampire people, due to their mutual affinities for the elements.

Illeana Cosanzeana Female 0/1
The princess of all the fae people. She is revered as the most beautiful woman on earth and is known as a skillful and masterful warrior.

Warriors Male/Female 0/10
These groups of faeries are responsible for overseeing the safety and protection of their people. They have honed their magical abilities into a deadly force and can strike with precise accuracy. They are the strongest beings of the fae race.

Commoners Male/Female 0/15
This group includes craftsman and artisans. Members of this group use their magical abilities merely for their craft and everyday use, rather than battle.

Humans cannot be changed into fae.

While fae and elves look similar, elves do not possess wings like the fae do. Elven ears are also much shorter than fae ears and elven faces are much longer than the round, child-like faces of the fae people. Elves have the ability to mutation the fae people into demon like beings with their magic. Fae blood is extremely attractive to the vampire race.
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Faerie Information
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