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 Vampire Information

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Lavania Iulian
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PostSubject: Vampire Information   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:36 am

Vampires are the most ancient beings to the existence of intelligent, human-like life on earth. There were originally 8 vampires at the being of their existence. They originated from the wombs of women in, what modern day society would recognize as a brothel region. These women all died shortly after giving birth, having contracted what was then called "the Devil disease." There have been no more instances of this disease since the birthing of these 10. The children grew into adults at a rapid pace. They possessed extreme beauty, intelligence and superhuman abilities. They were revered by the people as gods placed on earth. To decide the rulers of the newly founded race, they engaged in a series of tournaments that pushed their bodies to the limit. In the end, five heads were established as the purest, strongest, and most intelligent among them. They were known as the purebloods.

Purebloods: The original leaders of the vampire race. They rank as follows.

Wadim meaning 'knowing one' (4th): Male 0/1
Descendants of the Wadim family posses a 'sixth sense' that allows them to predict the future. The original Wadim, possesses the ability to foresee the future at will. The members of this family are most in tune with the Fire Element, though they can perform simple tasks with the other elements.

Aristocrats: Male/Female 0/10
These are the direct descendants of the oldest Wadim and first wife. Their blood is not as potent, and they in turn are not as strong. Their elemental ability is impressive, as they are the typically members of the military force. Many of the Wadim are unable to foretell the future at will. Visions come in sporadic periods of time, or after heavy amounts of meditation to focus the mind. This group also includes former humans changed by the original pureblood Wadim.

Commoners: Male/Female 0/15
The descendents of Aristocrats, with or without human blood interference. The have a basic elemental control, and only are able to see fuzzy blobs of the future. This group also contains former humans changed by the aristocrats of Wadim.

Emiliana meaning 'excellent' (3rd): Female 0/1
Descendants of the Emiliana family posses a keen eye, allowing them to hit any target, moving or otherwise, without fail. The original Emiliana was an unrivaled marksman, able to hit targets miles away from her. The members of this family are able to control the wind, and perform simple tasks with the other elements.

Aristocrats: Male/Female 0/10
These are the descendents of the original Emiliana and her first husband. There blood is not as potent, and therefore their marksmanship is far behind that of the oldest Emiliana. Many go on to work in the military as sharp shooters and snipers. There elemental affinity gives there shots near perfect accuracy, and protects them from harsh debris or chemicals. Humans that were bitten by the original Wadim also fit into this category.

Commoners: Male/Female 0/15
This group is descended from the Aristocrats of the Emiliana family. Years of the watering down of their blood potency has left them barely able or not at all able to control the wind. They posses a fraction of the enhanced vision of their descendants. Former humans changed by Aristocrats also fit into this category.

Andrei meaning 'warrior' (2nd): Male 0/1, Female 0/1
They are the closest allies of the Iulian and Fane families. They are in charge of training the army and keeping tabs on enemy movements. To ensure there would be no treachery, the power was divided between the brother and sister of the Andrei family. Females in this family posses an affinity for Earth, while the males posses an affinity for Water. These abilities combined make a deadly combination. Members of the Andrei family posses a superior intelligent and unparalleled responsiveness to situations.

Aristocrats: Male/Female 0/10
They are the direct descendants of the Andrei couple. As highranking military officials, they often are on the frontlines of the battlefield. They posses a highly developed strategic mind, and use their elemental gifts to the best of their ability. This group also includes former humans, turned by the original Andrei.

Commoners: Male/Female 0/10
The direct descendants of the Aristocrats of Andrei. They have all but lost their affinities and usually live as simple bodyguards to the Fane and Iulian family. This group also includes former humans, turned by Aristocrats.

Fane meaning 'crowned' (1st, married): Male 1/1
Iulian meaning 'descendants from Jove' (1st, married): Female 1/1
The heads of this family are the sole members of it. They are the most powerful and revered of their race. They possess an infinity for all of the elements and are able to read the minds of any thinking being. As the two most powerful of their race, rather than both fighting to their inevitable death, they reached the agreement to marry one another, refusing to have children so as the prevent the spread of these unique abilities. They posses the highest placement of their race.

Humans can only be made into vampires by Aristocrats or above. THERE ARE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR COMMONERS THAT ATTEMPT A CHANGE. The human must be drained of nearly all their blood, and offered vampire blood in exchange to complete the change.

Vampires are eternally youthful and immortal. They cannot be killed by mundane means, but a bite from a Werewolf is fatal. Fae also have the ability to erase the memories of a vampire and lock away their abilities.
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Vampire Information
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